Health Seminars, Body Tune-Up Sessions, Motivational Speaking

Deb is a proficient and exciting speaker. She has inspired thousands of individuals through her workshops, motivational presentations and hands-on health awareness classes. Deb is a certified nutrition and wellness consultant, author, and health coach. Being a former corporate executive, and now running her own international company in wellness, she really understands what it’s like to try to maintain a healthy lifestyle when overwhelmed by work. She can help you organize your time and priorities so that you too can look and feel great. Contact Deb to find out when her next session is, and her availability to speak to your group, business, or association. Some of her presentations include:

  • Get Sexy Lean and Strong
  • Increase Your Energy and Outlook
  • Getting Healthy While You Work
  • Fitness at Any Age is a Choice
  • Eating Well, Exercising, and Feeling Great
  • Body Tune-Up Session
I conduct monthly workshops via the Brentwood Natural Health Meetup for those in the NorCal Brentwood area. These workshops are experiential, interactive, and include an exercise and demo segment. Many of my clients are just starting to exercise again, so I teach them exercises they can do at home for great results. If you are in the area, be sure to stop in every fourth Saturday at 1:00 p.m.. Email for an address, or join the Meet-Up at:
Many of my clients tell me the hardest part of getting healthy is staying motivated and on-track. I have developed some ways to do that. I have tips, recipes, exercise demos, and motivational sayings that I teach them to use. We are meeting via a Facebook private group ( Mountain) and share tips, successes, and struggles. You are welcome to join us there. Just Friend me on Facebook (with a note to let me know you’re interested in the Facebook group), and then I can add you to the group.
For those who cannot come to the workshops here in Brentwood, California, I offer a bi-weekly webinar on the concepts of “Mad-Body Mountain” and how to develop your plan to get down the mountain and back to the “Sexy, Lean and Strong Valley.” The webinar will get you focused, give you tools you can use daily, and get you connected with a group to share your journey with.

Contact me to find out how you can sign-up for my webinar. (Contact me for schedule.)