What clients have said about Deb.

Chris S., Realtor:  “I have learned so much from Deb.  She really understands nutrition and how the body works.  She has helped me hit a goal I thought was impossible. I now have so much energy, and have lost 32 lbs* and three dress sizes in six months. I am so happy!”

Tara J:  “Deb and the supplements helped me lean-down for a bikini competition and I took first place in my age category (over 40)!”

Randy K: “After being with Deb for 2 months, not only have I lost 20 pounds, but my body no longer craves fast food and unhealthy sweets. She has really changed the way I eat.  Deb’s advice is easily understood and implemented, even with my crazy schedule.”

Jeni K: “Now that I have dropped three dress sizes, from size 14 to size 8, (Three dress sizes!) in seven weeks, my nick-name at work is “Skinny-mini.”

Jennifer V: “I tried every weight-loss system out there.  I spent thousands and the weight just came back.  With Deb’s help, I lost 24 lbs in two months, and have kept it off for over three years!”

Debbie S: “I have three kids, too many activities, and am menopausal.  I kept watching my tummy grow, despite working out with a trainer five days a week! After attending a Body Tune-up session, and following a recommended program, I am down 3″ in my belly and have amazing energy!”

Maggie N: “My life was so stressful and I never felt calm or nourished.  Deb helped me design a custom plan.  Now I can get through my day with energy to spare and I don’t crave my sugar fix.”

Gabriela L: “I learned how to do easy and effective exercises at home in just twenty minutes, and they really work!”

Shelly C: “I love the way Deb really cares about people and their health. She has helped me and my family on the road toward healthier and more happier lifestyle. I can’t expressed enough how she has changed our life, more than she will every know. We are truly blessed to have her in our life! My son who was diagnosed with Autism, he’s now more calmer and social. My daughter who suffer from anxiety and now she’s feeling so much at ease. My oldest son has been hospitalized with fluid around his heart and now he’s never felt so great. My husband has more energy! I am and my body is a very happy blissful body!”

Maggie T: “Deb has such great energy, she’s easy to talk to about your weight or health struggles with no judgment only encouragement. I am down 10 lbs and am almost to my goal with the help of Deb! Your health is worth the investment and you won’t regret working with Deb!”

Chris S: “I have been trying to lose weight and eat healthier for years. Deb sat down with me and did avery thorough analysis of what I was eating, my exercise routine or lack of. She came up with a nutrition plan, helped me with needed supplements and an exercise plan. I am down 17lbs. since starting with Deb and feel confident that I will meet my goal. Deb is very knowledgeable about the workings of the body and it’s nutritional needs. I have increased energy and stamina and have lost almost all cravings for the salty, crunchy snacks that I used to eat. I am really looking forward to the next few months as I get closer to reaching my goal. Deb is very supportive and has been there to help me get past a milestone that has always been my back sliding point. I have moved beyond it. Thanks Deb. Love your positive attitude and your infectious energy!”

Tiffany S: “I must say i was not a believer – after back surgery and also a 3 way neck fusion the pain that I was dealing with daily was at a 7 on a scale of 1 – 10 every day! I have been on celebrex and other meds for over 8 years. I have been on Debs customized vitamin program for about 80 something days and I been TOTALLY off of my prescription meds after thee 1st week after taking Usana product! WOW I sleep better I don’t wake up feeling groggy with puffy eyes – I tell you 80 days ago I would not have said that I would refer the products to anyone and today – I absolutely would and I do every chance I get (and no I do not sell it either) – definitely a game changer for me I feel better than ever!”

Nicole T: “Deborah came into our office of thirty and gave a presentation that would relate to us as engineers! She took the time to understand our needs as a company! She was amazing!”


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*Typical results with Deb’s clients are 4 lbs in the first 5 days. Results will vary. As with any health or fitness program, a sensible eating plan and regular exercise are required to achieve long-term weight loss results.