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Senior Internet Dating — the Good, Bad and Ugly!!

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Senior dating sucks, period!  Senior internet dating makes me just want to cringe!  My first time I was fresh out of a thirty-year marriage, and reeling at fifty-one.  I needed to see if men still wanted me. Turns out, I was considered pretty cute and there were tons of options. I dated thirteen guys, had [...]

Interview on Partnership Bliss Podcasts with Kimi Avary: Re-establishing Health and Wellness

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Re-establishing Health and Wellness Interview on Partnership Bliss Podcasts with Kimi Avary Kimi Avary is a Relationship Navigation Specialist committed to helping men and women understand each other. She has been coaching for over 20 years, holds a Masters in Counseling, a Bachelor’s in Family Studies, and is [...]

Interview on Leadership Stars with Linda Patten: How to Be Sexy, Lean and Strong in 2019

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How to Be Sexy, Lean and Strong in 2019 Interview On Leadership Stars with Linda Patten Linda Patten is a leadership trainer for women entrepreneurs and change makers. She is the founder and CEO of Dare2Lead and an author of leadership books. Linda hosts a popular interview series [...]

Interview With The Press Brentwood: Good nutrition is the key to health as you age

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Good nutrition is the key to health as you age by Amy Schrader published on The Press Brentwood Aug 18, 2017 You are what you eat, no matter what age you are, and for seniors, a healthy diet can not only help ward off illnesses, but can also [...]

Building A Six-Pack on a 60-plus bod

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So, now you probably want to know what I did for 12 weeks to get to this shape? Here it is, the fool-proof program to building your six-pack on a 60-plus body. However, there is one caveat: you have to be within 6 lbs of your ideal weight, and at approximately 24% body-fat [...]

What Do Athletes Want in a Supplement?

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What Do Athletes Want in a Supplement? I just returned from the BP Paribas Open in Indian Wells, California. I was a special guest in the USANA Health Sciences suite, and got to meet with some of the athletes from the Women's Tennis Association -- Sam Stosur [...]

My Book is Finished!

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My Book is Finished! I finished it! A labor-of-love for all of you. I have been working to distill down all I know about calming our bodies down and supporting our natural healing processes. It is done! My first book: “Sexy, Lean and Strong After 50! — How I went from Fat, [...]

Increase Muscle Tone with the Right Vitamins

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Before I started on a vitamin program back at 49 -- 11 years ago, I worked out and was toned.  But, adding a good, safe supplement program has made all the difference in keeping that tone.  When we work-out, we deplete our bodies of the critical nutrients that build muscle.  We have [...]