Personal Coaching


Once I have reviewed the Health Assessment and determined the reasons you are on the Mad-Body Mountain, I will design a custom plan for your nutrition, exercise and self-care. This plan will be revisited each session, to determine if we need to tweak it. Your customized health plan includes analysis [...]



Deb offers interactive workshops on-site for companies and groups. Her audience is drawn into an engaging exchange and sharing of their own health concerns and some of her top recommendations. Here is what one of her engineering clients has said: “Deb came to our office of thirty engineers and [...]

Group Support


Health Seminars, Group Presentations, & Motivational Speaking Plus a private Facebook group, where we share tips and strategies that work. I speak to many groups who want to learn how to turn their health around, at any age! Tired of dieting? Join the club, literally. Contact me to [...]